Only the best leather gets used at Walnut Studiolo

This post puts everything we’ve discussed about leather on this blog all together into one tidy infographic: this is the leather we use at Walnut Studiolo. We think it’s the best, and we’re proud of it.

Lesson #5 at the Walnut Workshop

We utilize the combined thinness, flex, and strength of cowhide, with the luster of full grain leather and the crisp deboss surface of veg-tan leather for monogramming the Travel Cribbage Board. This trifecta of design decisions is uniquely suited to the product’s look and function.

Next Lesson

This summarized everything we’ve learned so far about kinds of leather. Next, we’re moving deeper into leather finishes.

We’re writing a leather learning series, and this is the fifth of eleven posts. In the series, we go through the different kinds of leather and the different ways it is tanned and finished, then talk about how leather as a raw material is turned into products, how to tell good leather products in the store, how those products should be maintained, and what ethical leather choices are.

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2 thoughts on “Only the best leather gets used at Walnut Studiolo

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