The perfect material for kids rooms: natural, soft and durable leather handles and pulls

Our all-leather pulls and handles are a natural choice for homes with children. These soft, durable, and natural furniture features are a smart choice for safety, durability, and sustainability:

Soft, Nontoxic Leather Drawer Pulls in Kids Room Remodel
The Morrison Leather Bin Pull in a Portland Oregon Childrens Room Remodel
  • No Bumps, No Bruises. Our leather is a great choice for safety – no knocking knees or little feet against hard metal edges. Our leather is soft enough not to hurt bumped heads and elbows, whether it’s in playrooms or kitchens.
  • Durable StrengthOur leather is soft, but that doesn’t make it any less durable and strong! We use equestrian style leather, the same used in bridles and reins, and it can take any mud, oils, or dirt you can sling at it, support the weight of a rearing horse, and still look gorgeous.
  • All Natural Material. Our vegetable-tanned leather is an all-natural, pure material – no glues, dusts or composites. Our leather is tanned with vegetable tannins, a derivative of oak bark.
  • Nontoxic Finishes. We use old-fashioned oil dyes and simple, nontoxic finishes for no off-gassing – no California Prop 65 warning needed!
  • Sustainable Choice for the Next Generation. Old-fashioned, basic materials are also low-impact. We exclusively use the highest quality American-raised and American-tanned leather, for safer waterways and shorter supply chains.
  • Cleans Easily. A simple wipe down with a wet rag is all that’s needed to clean up spills. Our old-fashioned leather gets more beautiful over time, earning a glossy patina, with use and age.

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