The Best Gift Ideas for Travelers

As travelers ourselves, we know what you want: functional, organizational little things to help you with your gear, and conversation-starting, long wait in the train station boredom-eliminating, lightweight and small, classic travel games. Also with a monogramming option to prevent theft. We’ve got you covered for the perfect unique gifts for travellers with Travel Games, Travel Organizers, and Unique Travel Bags. 

Although nothing is ever “theft proof,” we recommend monogramming as both a theft-preventative and a way to make the gift that much more special.

Travel Games


Travel Cribbage Boards

We have 3 styles of Travel Cribbage Boards — the perfect gift for traveling couples, as it’s typically played as a 2-person game. Cribbage has just enough mix of luck and strategy to prevent the game from getting boring after playing it over and over and over again! Shop Travel Cribbage Boards >>>

Travel Dice

Equipped to tie directly to your gear with a keychain, the keychain itself is the closure for these 6 small-sized travel dice. Big enough to feel good in the hand but smell enough to cut down on size and weight, our Travel Dice are what you need for farkle, ten thousands, and more dice games on the beach or in the train station. Shop Travel Dice >>>

Playing Travel Dice Kauai Hawaii

Travel Dominoes

We have two styles of dominoes – Double 6 wood tiles and Double 12 domino playing cards, specifically suited for Travel Mexican Train. Super lightweight, Baltic birch ply wood dominoes have our own unique pip design. They’re big enough to feel solid in the hand, but small enough to cut down on size and weight. Shop Travel Dominoes >>>

Shop Travel Games >>>

Travel Organizers / Everyday Carry Essentials


Humankind’s most useful tool, the bandana has a zillion and one uses during travel, from sandwich wraps to hair covers. No travel bag is complete without at least one, and our bandana has a unique, stylish bicycle-themed print. Shop Bandanas >>>


Cord Organizer

A light and no-nonsense way to keep your earbuds and cords organized and accessible during travel – with a keychain ring for quick access inside bags. Can also be monogrammed for a personalized touch. Shop Leather Cord Organizers >>>

Leather Card Cases and Tube Storage 

For all those traveling bits and bobs, it’s helpful to small containers with key rings to keep bags organized. Our Leather Business Card Case is slim and minimal for business travelers, while our Handroll Tube can be used for storing any kinds of small parts and pieces (ink refills, pencil leads, paper clips, or what-have-you. Shop Leather Card Cases and Tube Storage >>>

Travel Bags and Carriers 

Leather Document Carriers

Our Blueprint Tube and Whiskey Case carry two sizes of document rolls for on-the-go photographers, mapmakers, architects, and others who need to carry large format documents safely. Shop Leather Document Cases >>>


Leather-and-Wood Reusable 6-Pack

Our sturdy, sustainable 6-Pack is durable and strong, for planting cans and bottles in the river to get cold, or attaching to your bicycle for transport. Shop the “Spartan Carton” Reusable 6-Pack >>>

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Walnut Studiolo crafts original modern designs by hand in our Oregon workshop using only natural materials. We are a family-run company located on the North Oregon Coast. Learn more about us on our website:

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