Project Lookbook: Leather Drawer Pull Hacks for IKEA and Beyond


Leather Drawer Pulls are a quick and easy way to customize and dress up existing furniture, such as IKEA basics. We hacked our entire personal kitchen and several pieces of furniture with our leather drawer pulls to take photography for our collection, and published the results on Houzz. Get inspired by the project breakdowns in our new Projects Portfolio. These #IKEAhacks are quick and easy, requiring no special skills at all:

  • Upgrade an IKEA dining room buffet into an eye-catching entertainment system with honey leather drawer pulls on a black-brown cabinet
  • Dress up the super inexpensive pine IKEA RAST chest of drawers with a cascading series of Small Hawthorne leather pulls in all three leather colors
  • Improve the function of a hard-to-open small office organizer with hinged Burnside pulls
  • Upcycle an uninspiring 90s-era oak kitchen island into an AirBnB kitchenette with dark brown leather drawer pulls
  • Warm up an entire IKEA kitchen, replacing the sleek, cold metal hardware with warm, honey leather drawer pulls
  • Transform a super cheap woodshop work bench from Harbor Freight into a rustic bar cart with dark brown leather drawer pulls

See photos and descriptions of all these projects on our Houzz Projects Portfolio.

We’ve got a leather drawer pull design for all your clever furniture and cabinetry upgrades, from big to small, knobs to handles. Named after Portland Oregon’s iconic bridges, our complete leather drawer pull collection is available for sale on our website or Etsy store.

6x8 Drawer Pull Collage

We’d love to see how your projects turn out! Tag us with #walnutstudiolo or send your projects to us at walnutstudiolo [at] gmail [dot] com.

PS. Love Houzz? Follow along with us!

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