The Irish Pub Bike in Colombia

When Bogotá, Colombia bike manufacturer Donacleta was asked to design a special edition bike for an authentic Irish pub in Colombia, they immediately knew they had to incorporate some touches from Walnut Studiolo.Donacleta is a small independent bike brand that celebrates the elegance of Italian cycling style that was prevalent from 1930-1970. They have a unique focus on creating specialty branded bikes.

“From the beginning of Donacleta we paid special attention to detail and focused on branding and quality of materials and components,” says owner Luca Ravelli. “We rely on historic and prestigious brands to guarantee the quality of our products – and that led to us becoming the Colombian distributors for the prestigious Brooks England line of bike accessories.”

When The Pub, a famous Irish pub in Colombia, approached Donacleta to create a special edition bike in celebration of their 15th Anniversary, Luca was thrilled. “The project goal was to develop and build a bike that truly exalted the essence of an authentic Irish Pub,” he explains.

“We had used Walnut Studiolo’s products in the past and we knew right away that we would integrate some of them into this project thanks to the quality of materials and finishes, but also for the strong personality that the bicycle beer combo could bring to our ambitious and funny project. In fact, we designed the key element of the bicycle around your leather six pack holder, based on measurements and shift that it could have carrying six bottles of beer.”

“We worked on this project with love, collaboration and passion – the final product is proof of that. The result was a beautiful, unique and enviable Donacleta, which was raffled by The Pub at their 15th Anniversary Party… after a lot of test rides and some glasses of whisky, of course.”

Luca is a brand designer and from the beginning of Donacleta he has enjoyed combining his love for bicycles, vintage products and brand design to create bespoke custom branded bicycles with a dedication to quality. “We enjoy helping our customers develop strategic social network campaigns to promote and support their marketing initiatives with these special edition Donacleta bikes,” he says.

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