Tying off your city grips

Please explain how you tighten or lock the the initial stitch in the city grips.  It seems in the YouTube instructional video the the first stitch still has thread hanging off by the time you finished with the surgeon’s knot.  Thanks, Donald In the video, I use one needle, and one length of thread. This […]

I am about to install my bar wraps.  (I just read the piece on your blog regarding the shrinkage issue one of your customers had.  I will keep that in mind). The question I have is, when I get to the end of the either side of the handlebar with my sewing, I know I […]

We’ve created an infographic that helps guide you the process of figuring out which Walnut leather bar wrap will work best for your bars, based on the most common questions we receive. Updated in 2019. Continue reading

An alert customer wrote to us after installing his sew-on bar wraps. After about a week or so of use, he noticed that the leather had shrunk back nearly 1/2″ from the indentation at the top of the bar. Here are his pictures:  Although we have experienced some shrinkage before, usually it is forgivably slight, […]