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Install the Hawthorne “Flat” as a Leather Handle Instead of a Knob

Photo collage showing the Hawthorne Small Leather Handle Installed Two Ways

Our original and versatile Hawthorne leather handle design can be used in multiple ways for creative customers and designers. In this post, we explore the options, share photos, and explain how to order and install the Hawthorne leather pull “flat” as a handle with two points of contact with the surface.

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Four Different Ways to Install the Hawthorne Leather Handle

As shown in the customer photo gallery below, the Hawthorne Leather Handles come in 3 different sizes, and can be installed 4 different ways for a different look:

Center-to-Center (C2C) Spacing

For the Hawthorne handles, we recommend the following C2C spacing when installed “flat.” The spacing is somewhat flexible because leather is a flexible material.

These recommendations are also in the printed installation instructions included with all Hawthorne handle purchases:

Handle SizeRecommended C2C Spacing
Hawthorne Small4.25″ (10.8cm) +/- 0.25″ (0.6cm)
Hawthorne Large9″ (22.9cm) +/- 0.25″ (0.6cm)
Hawthorne Wide9″ (22.9cm) +/- 0.25″ (0.6cm)

If installed with a wider C2C, the flatter the handle will lie against the surface of the cabinet, which can restrict the space available for comfortable hand and finger gripping. Of our three handle styles, the Hawthorne Flat can have the lowest profile, which is optimal in tight configurations but is balanced against handle gripping space.

Handdrawn sketch of the 3 handle styles showing clearance space for hands off the cabinet surface

If installed with a narrower C2C, then the leather can bulb outward prominently, and can create some slack — particularly with the Hawthorne Large and Wide. This can be a desirable look in some instances, such as creating an organic shape as shown in the photos below.

In this series of photos from a customer, the C2C was installed a little more narrowly than recommended, which gave the flexibility for the handle to have a “lift up” or “reach down” curved shape.

How to Order the Hawthorne “Flat” Leather Handle

The Hawthorne installed “flat” is the same handle as our looped pull, but with an extra hardware kit.

Ordering the Hawthorne handles (Small, Large, or Wide) is easy on our website: simply add an extra Drawer Pull Hardware Kit to the shopping cart for every Hawthorne you intend to install “flat”.

Installation instructions with our “flat” C2C spacing recommendations are included with every Hawthorne order.

This photo gallery of customer installations of the Hawthorne installed “flat” with two points of contact, like a handle instead of a loop.

Custom Sizes: Hawthorne Leather Handles

Yes! We can make custom sizes. There are two dimensions we can easily make for a custom order:

Contact us with your custom leather handle requests!

About the Walnut Studiolo Leather Drawer Pull Collection:

About Walnut Studiolo

Walnut Studiolo crafts original modern designs by hand in our Oregon workshop using only natural materials. We are a family-run company located on the North Oregon Coast. Learn more about us on our website:

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