Behind the Scenes: The Making of the Jim Golden Art Print

The year was 2013. We worked with Jim Golden Studio to make an art print capturing the growth of our handcrafted business over four years.

This was the process.

We packed up most of our tools, favorite things, and inventory from the house and brought them to Jim’s studio. It was kind of weird to see everything we own spread out on one table.
The first step was to make sure the bike would fit in the photo – it did! It became the perfect anchor. I love the poetry of this, because Walnut Studiolo started with this bike: my dad’s old Bianchi that I completely rebuilt. It seems fitting that it is in the middle of everything.
It took some creativity to mount the bike such that it laid perfectly on its side. The camera was mounted above, for a bird’s eye view.
Then we had to figure out what would go in the frame next.
They started by anchoring our finished works around the bike.
Jim and Kristin left no detail overlooked. I was consistently impressed with how much effort they put into making everything just so. Here, we were trying to decide whether to leave the can cage on the bike, or place it next to it. They must have taken hundreds of pictures throughout the day to help make minute design decisions like this.
Kristin began grouping our products by the area of the bike they’re on, like the cluster of mud flaps next to the mud flap on the left.
After a while, we realized a pattern of the products radiating off of the bike roughly where they should go on the bike, with non-bike products below the bike.
Placing all the items just-so took an incredibly long time!
After they’d placed all the products, they began to fill in with some of our favorite items and tools.
*Almost done!*
Once everything had its place, they fine-tuned each individual piece, making sure the spacing and orientation were just right.
The final layout!
Geoff walked to the back corner to get a new perspective.
Val liked to watch the action on-screen.
All the different pictures will get blended together into one beautiful perfect picture, soon to be our new poster.
All done! Jim and Kristin were terrific to work with, and we had a great time. Now we just had to pack everything up, bring it home, and unpack it again. That was a long 12+ hour day, but we’re super excited about the artwork that was made here today, as well as the comforting satisfaction of seeing all our life’s work in one place.


About Walnut Studiolo

Walnut Studiolo crafts original modern designs by hand in our Oregon workshop using only natural materials. We are a family-run company located on the North Oregon Coast. Learn more about us on our website:

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