10 Good Reasons to Shop Online Early for the Holidays in 2020

2020 has been … something else. We know it’s unusual — and annoying — to start talking about the holidays in mid-October.

But we think you’ll want the extra time to make sure your holiday purchases arrive in time … especially if you’re ordering internationally from the US.

From the early holiday specials offered by our small business to global politics, here are at least 10 very good reasons to shop early.

First, The Good News:

  1. Early Holiday Promotions. It’s only fair that we offer holiday promotions early if we suggest you shop early! We’ll be offering our best-ever, most generous holiday promotions up front through the month of November.

    10% OFF SITEWIDE (through November 30, discounts applied automatically)
    Browse Website >>>

    + 20% OFF Stocking Stuffers with coupon code BFCM2020-20 (ends November 30)
    Shop Stocking Stuffers >>>

  2. Free Gift Wrap. We’re wrapping your gifts for free with basic gift wrap. Let us know it’s a gift by checking the box, “This is a gift” and we’ll wrap it nicely for your friends and family. Discounts apply automatically, expires November 30.

  3. Lower Flat Rate Shipping:
    – Free Over $35 US
    – Flat Rate $5 Canada
    – Flat Rate $10 Europe and Australia/New Zealand
    – $15 Rest of World.

    These shipping rates are the most economical, but take the longest to deliver, which is why we recommend ordering now. Offers end November 30.

  4. Peace of Mind with Free Shipping Insurance. We insure every package over $45. If it hasn’t arrived by the insurance-mandated waiting period, we will file an insurance claim and send you a refund or a replacement at no cost.

  5. Express Options for Reliability & Speed. FedEx in the US, and DHL Express internationally are our fastest, most reliable international shipping service – and with our bulk shipping discounts, pretty economical, too!

  6. International Customs Calculator. Our prices are in US dollars and exclusive of VAT, GST, or other customs and import duties. If you’re worried about how much the customs fees are going to cost, you can now estimate ahead of time with Duty Calculator

  7. Improved International Customs Classifications for Gifts. With thanks for the feedback from a customer in Switzerland, we are now classifying packages as “gifts” on customs forms when the order is marked as a “gift” by the customer.

Now, the Bad News:

  1. US Election Uncertainty. The US election on November 3rd has everybody worried, including us. It’s not unreasonable to be prepared for a possible constitutional crisis from November to our January Inauguration Day.
    Read more about post-election concerns in The Atlantic >>>

  2. COVID-19 Delays. The pandemic has delayed mail delivery everywhere, domestic and international. You probably know this already, but processing times are taking longer than usual as postal employees have to observe greater distancing and health precautions, and as more and more people get sick, and the number of flights declines. The virus is expected to get worse as the weather gets colder in the Northern Hemisphere.
    Read more about COVID-19 in winter >>>

  3. USPS in Crisis. Before your packages can get to your country, they have to go through the United States Postal Service (USPS). The newly-appointed Postmaster General (an investor in FedEx and UPS) is currently driving the agency into the ground, which may be somewhat related to elections by mail here in the US. Domestic packages within the US are also being delayed to prioritize election mail. Give packages a little more time, prepare to be patient, and rest easy know they are insured. 
    Read more about what’s going on with the USPS >>>

  4. EU Tariffs. On Oct 13th, the EU was given permission by the WTO to tariff up to $4B in American goods, and that includes some of Walnut Studiolo’s products. They’re holding off the idea until after the election on November 3rd. If they proceed, some of our products could be more expensive for our EU customers.
    Read more about EU tariffs >>>

We don’t mean to pack on the doom & gloom — the holidays are a great time of year to think about happy future days with friends and family, hopefully playing games, riding a bicycle, or just relaxing together.

Happy Holidays!

About Walnut Studiolo

Walnut Studiolo crafts original modern designs by hand in our Oregon workshop using only natural materials. We are a family-run company located on the North Oregon Coast. Learn more about us on our website: https://walnutstudiolo.com

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