How European Tariffs Could Impact Our American-Made Goods

On October 13, 2020, the World Trade Organization gave the European Union permission to impose tariffs on up to $4 billion worth of American products. The potential move is in retaliation for illegal subsidies given to the U.S. plane maker Boeing by Washington State. If the EU decides to proceed with it, there will be levies on American airplanes, agricultural products and a host of other goods, including some Walnut Studiolo products.

For Walnut Studiolo customers in Europe, this could mean that certain items will be more expensive to buy in Europe, with additional customs duties due upon pick-up of their orders at their local post office.

The preliminary list of items includes bicycle frames and many bicycle components (although it does not seem to include bicycle accessories at this time), some types of leather bags, games and playing cards, many of which are Walnut Studiolo products.

According to Bloomberg News, the EU plans to hold off on new tariffs until after the Nov. 3 election.

If the preliminary list is adopted by the EU, then our cribbage boards, dominoes, and dice will be subject to tariffs, and potentially also our leather bags like the Blueprint Tube and Whiskey Case, and possibly also our leather bicycle accessories.

All goods are classified by a common, globally-recognized “Harmonized System” code, which each category of good given a 6 to 8 digit number. These numbers are the reference for tariffs and taxes.

Import tariffs, taxes, and customs duties vary widely from country to country and from code to code. We’ve updated and organized our export codes so you can check the codes against the tariffs your country will charge when you buy from us.

Check the Walnut Studiolo HTS code list here.

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