Meet Best, Our 2nd Shop Cat

Walnut Studiolo shop cats at rest: Best (L) and Tanuki (R)

We are delighted to introduce our 2nd new workshop assistant of 2020, Best — a.k.a. “Bestie” a.k.a. “Bestie Boy”.

We adopted Best in September and he’s been gradually getting used to his new digs. His name came with him from the previous owner.

Best is 6 years old, a retired stud cat living out his retirement in the countryside with grace, dignity and diligent mousing duties. He has striking green eyes, black paws, and the wild tabby cat coloration familiar to Siberian forest cats.

If you think he looks a lot like Tanuki … you’re right! Best is Tanuki’s father.

Best is a gentle giant. He weighs over 15 lb and is the biggest cat we’ve ever owned! But he is also the sweetest, most people-centric cat we’ve ever met. He loves pets down his back and even his tail, and if you rub under his chin he’ll thank you with a lick. He has been great company to us during COVID quarantining and an otherwise stressful 2020.

If you need more cat photos in your life, you can follow photos of Tanuki and Best on their own Instagram account,

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