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Tips: Adapting 25.4mm Sew-on Leather Bar Wraps to a 22mm handlebar


I would like to have it [Sew-on Bar Wrap] for my mustache handle bar but the bar diameter is 22.2 mm. Is it possible to have one with that diameter?

– Teddy in Hong Kong


The Sew-on Bar Wrap is designed to fit around 1″ (25.4mm) handlebar, but there are three options for customers who want to use the Sew-on Bar Wrap on a thinner, 22mm handlebar such as a Nitto

Slip stitch pattern for cinching the Sew-on Bar Wraps together on a 22mm bar
Photo by customer Max in Denver, CO

Customer Report:

I was able to get the grips onto the nitto track drops and they look absolutely amazing!  Attached is a photo of my super custom Milwaukee Cream City with its new grips as well as a photo of the stitching pattern I used to get the stitch to lay flat and look nice.  All the stitching was done off of the bars and left loose. When each grip was ready to be put on I soaked the leather, slid them on and then tightened the stitching down. I was also able to put some of the excess leather in the bar end and then put the bar plug in (with the help of a rubber mallet) which will hold everything in place quite nicely since there are no brakes.

– Max in Denver, CO
22mm Nitto handlebar with Walnut Studiolo’s 24.5mm Sew-on Bar Wraps
Photo by customer Max in Denver, CO
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