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New product! Introducing “The Lovejoy” leather cabinet handle

Cabinet handles by leather craftmaker Walnut.

Announcing a new design from Walnut! The Lovejoy leather cabinet handle performs a magic trick in industrial design. Its elegant, slim profile disappears into modern, Euro-style cabinetry for a beautifully integrated look and a strong, two-point connection.

The Lovejoy leather cabinet handle in Natural/Nickel on IKEA SEKTION/VEDDINGE cabinets.

The beveled leather handle curves slenderly over the front of the door with surfaceless head hardware, but the second point of contact is sent to the unseen side of the cabinet door, where it attaches with two tiny flush-mount screws. 

Designed specifically to work with modern, Euro-style frameless cabinetry, like IKEA’s SEKTION line, it is shown pictured in this kitchen remodel with bright white VEDDINGE doors and Natural color Lovejoy pulls with Nickel hardware.

The Lovejoy leather cabinet pull on lower cabinet doors under the sink.

The Lovejoy handle can work on upper or lower cabinets. On lower cabinets, the loop created by the pull works great as an informal towel bar, particularly under the sink.

The Lovejoy has two hidden micro-screws on the interior surface of cabinet doors for an integrated look.

The loop also acts as a bumper when swinging open the door, preventing the edges from chipping against adjacent doors or walls.  

The Lovejoy acts as a bumper against walls and other doors when swung open.

Like all the handles in our collection, the Lovejoy was named after our hometown, the Portland Oregon cityscape. 

Available in 4 colors (Natural, Honey, Dark Brown, and Black) and two metal finishes (Nickel and Brass) to complement our Leather Drawer Pulls Collection.

Printable stylesheets with specs and a catalog available here.

The Lovejoy leather cabinet handle is available in four colors and two metal finishes.

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IKEA SEKTION kitchen remodel featuring VEDDINGE doors, and Walnut’s Lovejoy and the Tilikum leather handles in Natural / Nickel

About the Walnut Studiolo Leather Drawer Pull Collection: 

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