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Moving forward with leather: care and crafting

In this post, we’ll walk through the various leather care products and introduce you to the world of leather crafting.

Leather care

There are a lot of leather care products on the market, and it can be hard to know what you need for what type of leather. There are also a bazillion names for what mostly seem to be mostly the same products, all of which contain a combination of oil and wax: leather creme, leather cream, leather conditioner, leather wax, leather care, leather dressing. Here’s a breakdown of the different products:

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Our in-house Leather Care Dressing contains oil, beeswax, and is unique for containing essential oils as anti-fungal properties.

Introduction to leather crafting

Now that you’re knowledgeable about leather types, thicknesses, tannages, sustainability, and craftsmanship details, you may be ready to tackle your own leather goods repairs or crafts. You can learn basic leathercrafting tools and techniques, and try them out with 20 handcrafted projects in our book:

We wrote a book! Walnut Studiolo wrote Idiot’s Guide to Leather Crafts for DK Publishing. Buy it on our website and it’ll be signed by us.

Lesson #11 at the Walnut Workshop

We wrote a book! For the Idiot’s Guide series, we wrote the Leather Crafts edition, featuring 20 projects. The projects ramp up in difficulty through the book from the easy (like, really easy) to the pretty darn complex. We’ve heard from customers who have gone through all 20 projects, and we say kudos! When you buy it on our website, we’ll autograph it for you and can write the inscription you leave in the cart notes. 

Last Lesson

We hope you’ve enjoyed our leather learning series. Shoot us a line and let us know what you think!

We’re writing a leather learning series, and this is the last of eleven posts. In the series, we go through the different kinds of leather and the different ways it is tanned and finished, then talk about how leather as a raw material is turned into products, how to tell good leather products in the store, how those products should be maintained, and what ethical leather choices are.

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