The best gifts for travelers

As travelers ourselves, we know what you want: functional, organizational little things to help you with your gear, and conversation-starting, long wait in the train station boredom-eliminating, lightweight and small, classic travel games. Also with a monogramming option to prevent theft. We’ve got you covered for the perfect unique gifts for travellers!

Although nothing is ever “theft proof,” we recommend monogramming as both a theft-preventative and a way to make the gift that much more special.

Travel Cribbage Board
The Travel Cribbage Board is the perfect gift for traveling couples, as it’s typically played as a 2-person game. Not only that, it’s the perfect couples game, because there’s just enough mix of luck and strategy to prevent the game from getting boring after playing it over and over and over again.


Travel Dice
Equipped to tie directly to your gear with a keychain, the keychain itself is the closure for these 6 small-sized travel dice. Big enough to feel good in the hand but smell enough to cut down on size and weight, our Travel Dice are what you need for farkle, ten thousands, and more dice games on the beach or in the train station.

Playing Travel Dice Kauai Hawaii

Travel Dominoes
Super lightweight, Baltic birch ply wood dominoes have our own unique pip design. They’re big enough to feel solid in the hand, but small enough to cut down on size and weight.


Earbud Organizer
A light and no-nonsense way to keep your headphone organized and accessible during travel – that can also be monogrammed to personalize it. 

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