Seven Steps for Decluttering Your Kitchen

Here at Walnut Studiolo, we love to cook with the fresh foods that are available in our region. That means we use the kitchen a lot, and we know how easy it is for the space to quickly become cluttered. Here is our handy seven-step process for decluttering your kitchen from start to finish.

  1. Empty The Cabinets and Fridge
    It may seem daunting to completely cover your counters with items, but the best way to assess what you have is to be able to clearly see it all. Empty cabinets and the fridge onto you countertops and kitchen table.
  2. Dispose of old items
    Dispose of old or outdated items then arrange the remaining items into categories. Consider what you no longer love, need or simply will not use. Place all unwanted items into a donation bin or dispose of food and items that have degraded.
  3. Reassess What You Have
    Reassess. What can you live without? Can you purge a few more items? Is there a better space to store some items outside of the kitchen? If you don’t truly love the item or use it, perhaps it’s time to send it on to another home.
  4. Plan and Clean your Cabinets
    Before you fill the cabinets again, consider what should go in each one. Wipe each space thoroughly and use fresh shelf liners if necessary. Use a quality natural cleaner to scrub down the outside of cabinets. Touch up the paint if necessary.
  5. Create Organizational Structures
    Lazy susans (even inside the fridge!), wire shelves or bamboo drawer dividers are a fantastic way to keep areas organized.
  6. Refill
    Load everything back in, according to the zones you’ve created. Label the drawers/doors if needed for the first week or so, until you remember where things live now. Eventually you will get used to the new flow.
  7. Install Eye-Catching Drawer Pulls
    You can easily refresh your kitchen by installing a set of Leather Drawer Pulls (plus tabs and handles) from Walnut Studiolo. All of our pulls are carefully created to withstand the rigors of everyday use. They are soft to the touch with rounded edges for the daily tugs and dirty hands that come with a real person’s kitchen use. Best of all, they’re easy to install.


Inspiring Examples

You can view all of our Leather Drawer Pulls on our website and see photos of customers’ installations on our Pinterest page.

Feel Good!

Feel good about saying goodbye to excess items you’ll be donating to others, and even better about finally getting rid of damaged items or expired food. Cleaning up your space is such a refreshing way to bring inspiration back into your daily routine.

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