Presenting the Cribbage Minibook, included with every Travel Cribbage Board purchase, free of charge. The minibook is a twee little book that handily presents a basic guide to the game in a small, packable format.

Our minibook features:

  • basic cribbage play rules, summarized from the official Parker Brothers rules. (We had to fit the rules onto 3 tiny panels, for official, detailed rules please refer to the American Cribbage Congress official rules)
  • a one-panel “cheat sheet” with common point counting combinations
  • a guided illustration to the course of play on our uniquely-designed Travel Cribbage Board
  • printed on hefty recycled kraft cardstock for longtime use on the go

The minibook stores perfectly inside the Travel Cribbage Board — it is the same size as the birch board — and stays tucked inside the board when snapped to close.

The minibook is included for free with every Travel Cribbage Board purchase on our website and Etsy store going forward.

Did you already purchase a Travel Cribbage Board and want the minibook, too? Shoot us an email at walnutstudiolo [at] gmail [dot] com and we’ll mail you one for free.



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Founded in 2009 by Geoffrey Franklin, Walnut combines thoughtful modern design with old-world craft. Everything we make is hand-built to work beautifully and age gracefully in our workshop on the gorgeous Oregon Coast. See our work at Learn more about us with this short maker video:


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