Gifts for Architects – Handcrafted and Professional

For architects, draftsmen, and draftswomen, engineers and designers, there is no finer gift than a handcrafted leather piece. It always makes a memorable statement to potential clients and bosses – but if well-chosen, it will also be a useful tool for their work.

At Walnut Studiolo, our products are designed and handcrafted by former architecture principal Geoffrey Franklin. All our products are inspired by things he wanted for himself, but couldn’t quite find on the marketplace – so he made them himself!

Check out our round-up of our top 3 gifts for architects: 

The Blueprint Tube

Our original, hand-stitched, large-format document case is hand-dyed from the highest quality leather – you’ll know the difference when you feel it. The Blueprint Tube was designed for impressing clients – and interviewers – wherever you need to carry in your architecture plans. It’s been used for site plans, maps, prints, and posters all around the world.


Short Format Leather Document Case

Called the Whiskey Case on our website, this hand-stitched leather case is actually perfect for rolling up smaller documents and prints – from ledger size to size A3 drawings – and its smaller size makes for easier toting.


Business Card Case

Our slim business card case is warm to the touch and has an innovative original design that makes it easier to take your cards out: push them out of the half-moon opening – a detail that fellow designers are sure to notice. bnj06830-edit-small_600x

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