Top 5 Unique Leather Christmas Gifts

For the loved one who likes the finer things in life, a gift made from high-quality leather can be treasured for a lifetime and even become a family heirloom. These five leather treasures from Walnut Studiolo are sure to please everyone on your list. Bonus points if you get them personalized with a monogram for an extra personal touch:

  1. Leather Travel Games: A small and handcrafted travel game packs a powerful punch. Whether they’re into cribbage, dominoes, or dice, and whether they take it on a special long-planned trip or stash it in their glove box or bike bag for everyday use, a favorite game fast becomes one of those small-but-irreplaceable items in a person’s life.
  2. Leather Business Card Case: In this economy, graduating students and professionals alike need to carry their cards with them at all times for networking opportunities. Our slim and unobtrusive leather business card case will ensure they always have at least a few cards tucked away, and even better, that when they pull them out, their recipient will notice their classic style.
  3. Leather Keychain Lanyard: A versatile, high quality keychain lanyard with two strong points of connection is dead-useful for everyone that uses keys! Ours features a handsome antique brass swivel trigger clasp and a lanyard secured with a snap. You may find, like we did, that you need one for yourself too!
  4. Leather Bicycle Accessory: For your loved ones who commute by bicycle, there is no more useful accessory than Walnut’s popular “Little Lifter” – a handy little handle to make lifting and carrying your bike easier up and down stairs, onto trains, and more.
  5. Leather Document Case: Whether it’s a work of art, an architectural blueprint, oilfield maps, archaeological dig plans, photography presentations, or vintage rock posters, our Leather Blueprint Tube has carried them all for our customers around the world, from Egypt to Texas. The high quality vegetable-tanned leather is unfinished on the inside to protect the contents.

Still looking for gift ideas? Check out our complete list of Handcrafted Gift Guides, with guides specially written for Cyclists, Cannabis Lovers, and more.

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