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New peg options for our Travel Cribbage Board!

UPDATED. As the scout motto goes, always be prepared. Now you can be prepared for any Travel Cribbage situation with our new peg options. It took us a long time, but we are proud to announce that we finally located a source of American-made solid metal cribbage pegs that fit in our small travel size board! 

Starting today, you can order a Travel Cribbage Board with our new supply of cast* metal pegs, or with our traditional crafted, worldly wire pegs.

Upgrade from handcrafted (and easily replaceable) wire pegs to cast metal pegs. The cast metal pegs weigh slightly more but have a wonderful hand feel. Cast metal pegs come in black and brass.

Our traditional crafted wire pegs are the most lightweight, shaped to a fine point, and are perfect for travelers on the go because you can replace them with 14 gauge solid copper wire at any hardware store in the world. Wire pegs come in red and black solid copper.

You can also upgrade the Travel Cribbage Board you already own from wire pegs to cast metal – or order a spare set – with our Extra Pegs part listing.

The cast peg brass tube is interchangeable with our wire peg brass tube in our Travel Cribbage Board, but it is a slightly different size to accommodate the larger, heavier cast metal pegs. (In other words, the cast pegs don’t fit inside the wire peg tube.)

And you can also purchase replacement corks for either size of tube with our Spare Corks listing.

* UPDATE 3/4/18: We have since learned that our pegs are actually precision “milled” on a CNC lathe rather than “cast.” The CNC milling fabrication method uses a computer to whittle down the metal on a lathe, giving the pegs more structural integrity, and is more energy-efficient. Learn more about the differences in metal fabrication in our blog post, Metal Fabrication 101: Casting vs Forging vs CNC Milling.


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