Do you have any suggestions for thief-proofing my holster? I love it but living in a large city, things happen. Please let me know. Thank you!

Sadly, we have come to believe that nothing is theft-proof, but our customers have taken these actions to try to prevent and deter theft of their Walnut Studiolo bicycle accessories and saddle bags:

In practice, we’ve heard more times than we’d like to hear about the entire bike getting stolen that had Walnut products on it, rather than Walnut products being removed from the bike and stolen individually. But you never know because…

Bike thieves suck! If your Walnut product gets stolen – get in touch with us and let us know. We have a special discount program for victims of bike theft.

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About walnutstudiolo

Founded in 2009 by Geoffrey Franklin, Walnut combines thoughtful modern design with old-world craft. Everything we make is hand-built to work beautifully and age gracefully in our workshop on the gorgeous Oregon Coast. See our work at Learn more about us with this short maker video:


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