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Designer Profile: Colorado Caravan Brings An Airstream Trailer to Life

Our Leather Drawer Pulls added the perfect finishing touch to this Airstream trailer restoration project.

Meet Bonnie, the funky 21’ 1969 Airstream Globetrotter that was originally a rust bucket begging for renovation. “We saved her from a life as a rodent motel in the fields outside Fairplay, Colorado,” says restoration artist Kerri Cole.

Kerri Cole and her husband Patrick wanted to create a hip retreat that they could use to travel the USA as they are recent empty nesters. When they saw the 1969 Airstream trailer, they knew it would be a huge project, but they were up for the challenge.

The husband-wife team was well poised for the renovation: Kerri is an interior designer and Patrick is a builder who has remodeled homes, cars and caravans.

Kerri and Patrick designed their Airstream trailer with a simple crisp white interior shell and contrasting modern black cabinetry. Though they loved the monochrome concept, the Kerri and Patrick quickly realized it was too harsh and needed to be toned down. When they found Walnut Studiolo’s Leather Drawer Pulls (The Hawthorne in Honey/Nickel), they knew they had the perfect solution.

We wanted to use something for the cabinetry hardware that wasn’t seen everywhere, that was handcrafted, and that really brought attention to the details since it is such a small space.”

Kerri says installation was incredibly easy, they now want to add Walnut Studiolo’s Leather Drawer Pulls to all of their projects.

The drawer pulls inspired Kerri and Patrick to incorporate other leather features into their project, including curtain ties and bench coverings. But Kerri says the drawer pulls are still what stand out the most, “While our entire space is pretty great,” Kerri says, “our guests are always drawn to the leather Hawthorne handles!”

Kerri is constantly busy as a content creator and interior stylist working for several Colorado Magazines and national advertising accounts. Follow what she’s up to on @soverykerri and see more of Kerri and Patrick’s Airstream renovations @coloradocaravan.




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