The holidays are fully upon us and it’s a frenzied time of year. Between the hustle and bustle of gatherings with friends and family, there is also an exasperating pressure to buy all the latest gadgets and score the best deals.


There once was a time when the holidays simply meant cherished time getting cozy with loved ones near and far. Chopping wood for the fire. Sharing a warm drink. Decorating the home. Cooking from scratch. Exchanging heritage gifts. Enjoying the season.

This is a beautiful time of year, and there is perhaps no better canvas for the splendor than the natural world that surrounds us. Where we live on the Northern Oregon coast, leaves fall delicately, branches crunch under foot, tall fir trees tower overhead and the foggy sea air drifts all around.

It’s a busy time of year, indeed, but we don’t want it to slip through our fingers without honoring the magic of the season. While the rest of the world weaves through the frenetic indoor din of malls and big box stores, we go quiet. We #OptOut.

This Black Friday, we hope you can take the time to find a trail, sit in a park, hug a tree, go for a bike ride and breathe in the fresh air. If you need suggestions, REI put together an adventure finder to help you discover a new way to get outside.

So put on your scarf. Don a hat. Slip on your boots. Grab a friend. Call up a neighbor, a sister, brother, mother or other. Let’s go outside!

Wishing you all the very best this holiday season outside.
~ Walnut Studiolo

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