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A Gift in Every Order

Valerie is the quiet storm behind the scenes at Walnut Studiolo. You may have spoken with her on the phone or exchanged emails. Valerie keeps the ship afloat, ensuring orders go out on time, customers have the information they need and that the company keeps growing.

But beyond all of her marketing and operational duties, Valerie loves a good game, as does Geoff, the maker behind our products. That’s how Valerie came up with the clever idea to include games on the backside of our Leather Care cards that go out with every order.

“I’ve always been a crossword puzzle fan, but this was the first time I created my own,” says Valerie. “I started from scratch, using graph paper and a pencil – and a big eraser.”

To get started, Valerie pixelated the Walnut Studiolo logo to create a crossword shaped like a walnut, then she developed Walnut Studiolo-themed clues and answers. She wanted a moderately easy puzzle that would be fun. This puzzle goes out with all of our Travel Games orders.

From there, Valerie decided to create a Walnut-themed word search to add some game variety to the mix. This goes out in most orders.

For the third piece, a coloring page that is included with orders of our bicycle accessories, Valerie started with the signature Walnut Studiolo poster. This gorgeous piece is a photo shoot of every Walnut Studiolo product laid out in still life form (and available for purchase as a poster). Valerie converted this to a line drawing that is now a clever coloring page – perfect for both adults who need a mental break, and for kids.

Valerie says she’s always happy to swap out the cards if you’d like a different one in your order, just leave her a note in the “message to seller” box (she reads every note!).

Now as a fun giveback to all of our customers for being so fantastic to work with over the years, we’re also making our puzzles available here for download on demand. Simply click the images below to print your own puzzle.

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