Custom Built for the Visiting Longhaul

Our job is supremely rewarding when we are able to help our customers enjoy their bicycle journeys, whether that’s simply a fun ride to the local farmer’s market or a multi-day bicycle tour.

We were so thrilled to get a visit from longtime customer Dennis Kleine as he made his way along the Oregon Coast.

It’s always so exciting to see your work out there in the wild, so to see Dennis’s mud flaps, which have now been on 3 continents and over a dozen countries, still looking good, was immensely satisfying.

It was great to visit with Dennis, but as we got talking it quickly became apparent he needed a few gear adjustments to make his ride even more comfortable and efficient. So Geoff got creative. He installed a better pannier bag handle, and created the basic structure of a silverware sleeve and SD card organizer for Dennis to sew together himself.

We know that most cyclists plan their journey for biking along Highway 101, but we think in our area Miami Foley Road is a nice little parallel alternative – about the same length, safer with less traffic and scenic (although there are no┬áservices along the way). Dennis reported back that he loved this back road route.

When Dennis set up camp for the night, he finished the projects by sewing his new organizers around the campfire at Nehalem State Park. “The seams don’t look great on the SD cardholder because that was my first attempt, but I’m happy with it! It’s foldable, too. The silverware case helps a lot and works really well.”

The adjustments to Dennis’ bag proved useful, too. “I noticed a difference from the first second of use. The locking mechanism is smart and nicely hidden. The bag no longer falls off and I’m sure it never will.”

We were so pleased to be able to help a Pacific Coast bike traveler on his journey to a better path. Bike adventure on the Oregon Coast is a special expedition – one we highly recommend. Whether you’re interested in extended cycle touring or simply a day trip, you can’t beat the striking views, serene landscape and fresh salty air.