Rag & Bone X Solé X Walnut

Solé Bicycles started as a group of friends who wanted to make affordable bikes that were cool and functional. Years later, they are now a thriving company with a focus on user friendly bikes that are also fashion-forward.
The apparel company Rag & Bone commissioned Solé to create a series of bikes that could be sold and rented from Rag & Bone stores. Owner Ben Petraglia was excited to work on a project that would have the potential to be gorgeous.

When approaching this project, Ben says he knew he needed to find grips that had a high quality feel that matched the aesthetics of everything Rag & Bone does, so he sought out the help of Walnut Studiolo. He also wanted to be able to add a personalized touch, so we debossed the Rag & Bone logo into each grip.

The result is a lovely high end bike that appeals to the typical Rag & Bone customer who appreciates a dedication to finely made goods and lovely details. Ben says the project turned out amazingly. “We had 400 people at the launch party at the Rag & Bone store in the popular Abbot Kinney neighborhood of Venice, California. It was a really good time. The bikes are still there for rent.”

Ben says 75 percent of Solé’s customers haven’t ridden a bike since they were kids, and he loves that their brand can help people rediscover a love of bikes. The company enjoys partnering with other brands for unique endeavors, and we were pleased to be a part of this gorgeous one.

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