Customer Profile: James Cooper

A few years ago, one of James Cooper’s friends gave him a monogrammed small storage box from Walnut Studiolo, and the photographer was soon hooked. He now has a variety of our handmade leather accessories, such as handlebar grips, added to his bikes which include a rebuilt 1963 Raleigh Colt and a vintage boardtracker (sometimes called a boardracer).

James says he loves to ride and explore the area around his Red Bluff, South Carolina home. As he sinks into the landscape, he spends time taking photos and loves to to capture special moments. “Being able to share some of my experiences on the bike through photography helps me spread the joy and encourage others.”

James loves that his Walnut Studiolo leather grips are handmade, functional and stylish, but he especially loves that they just feel great.

Of all his projects, James says his boardtracker gets the most attention. These bikes were originally designed as motorized racing bikes for a specific style of racing on a board track, which fell out of style in the American Depression era of the 30s. These days, a lot of vintage boardtrackers are pedal bikes without a motor. In 2012, James rode his boardtracker every day of the year. On day 366, his cycling group came out to ride with him and he was featured in the local paper.

James is having fun with his bike projects and has no intention of stopping any time soon.“I look forward to continuing to add Walnut products to both my personal builds and bikes I build for others,” he says, and we can’t wait to see what he does next!

See more of James’ sweet rides and adventures on his Instagram feed.

Are you working on a restoration project or other unique endeavor? We’d love to help you make the dream a reality – contact us to discuss how Walnut Studiolo accessories can add that special finishing touch that makes all the time and effort worth it!


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