Bullwhip Braided Leather Bar Wraps

Introducing a completely new and unique method for wrapping your bicycle handlebars by Walnut Studiolo: The Bullwhip Bar Wrap. This has never been done before.

We’ve taken old-fashioned leather bullwhip braiding techniques and figured out how to apply them to your bicycle handlebar for a tactile, cushioning wrap that is easier to install than our previous design, the 2-Strap Braided Bar Wraps.

The Four-Braid Bullwhip Bar Wrap is a completely unique braid that reduces the straps to a more manageable length. This makes installation easier. At the same time, braiding the handlebar wraps on allows for fluctuation in bar size (and provides the flexibility to allow padding and gel pads underneath the wraps). It also provides two layers of leather for extra comfort.

Aesthetically, the four braids provide a small diamond pattern that visually matches the diameter of the bar well. It is a completely unique braid pattern that has never been done on bicycle handlebars before.

Not sure which bar wrap is right for your bike? Check out our infographic, How to Choose Your Leather Bar Wraps.

Bullwhip Braided Leather Bar Tape

Photo Credit Erin Berzel

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  1. That was a great idea to wrap your handle bars with leather. It gives grip to hold it and also protection for our hand


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