FAQ: Colored thread choices for our sew-on leather bicycle accessories

Can red thread be purchased in lieu of the choices displayed on your web page? For the black city grips.

Thanks, Roger

UPDATED 2021. 

Walnut stocks waxed thread for its sew-on leather bicycle accessories in three different natural-toned colors: white, dark brown, and black.

2020-04-28 11.51.23

But for some bikes it makes a lot of sense to highlight additional colors, such as customer Paul’s bike in Chicago (shown pictured below), who used red thread to bring out the red highlights on his bike. 

For those different colors, we have sources to recommend where you can purchase the right color thread separately. Here are our recommended resources:

MATERIAL: We send our stitch kit with waxed nylon (“sailmaker’s thread”). Any kind of waxed thread will work equally well, including linen or polycord, but we like the nylon for durability. The waxing is the important part, for strength and durability in the outdoor elements and the rain.

THICKNESS / PLY: We like a 5-ply thread, roughly 1mm thick (0.045″ / 1.14mm) thick. But slightly thinner or thicker will work, too. 


  • The Maine Thread Company offers over 31 colors of waxed nylon thread and in different thread weights. They are a terrific, American, Maine-made company.
  • White Clover Kiln on Etsy offers waxed linen thread in 37 colors and sells them in very small quantities, which is nice. 

QUANTITY: Unless you’re going to be “whip-tying” the thread, you’ll only need 2-4 yards for any of our sew-on products, so the smallest quantity you can purchase will usually do.

We’d love to see pictures of your installation when it’s done! 

About Walnut Studiolo

Walnut Studiolo crafts original modern designs by hand in our Oregon workshop using only natural materials. We are a family-run company located on the North Oregon Coast. Learn more about us on our website: https://walnutstudiolo.com

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