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FAQ: How to care for your vegetable-tanned leather goods

If left out in direct sunshine too long, dappled with mud, or doused in a rainstorm, vegetable-tanned leather can lose its luster. That first hint of dry-ness is a sign that it’s time to take care of your leather with a gentle cleaning and a light conditioning treatment.

We recommend taking care of your leather goods at least once a year or once they start to look dry, but if handled daily, the oils in your hands will do the conditioning for you! That’s what gives our leather bicycle bar wraps in particular such a beautiful shiny patina. Taking regular care of your leather will ensure that it will last a lifetime.

We’ve created a short video here to help you take care of your vegetable-tanned leather goods using our Walnut Studiolo Leather Care Dressing. Our dressing can be used for all kinds of veg-tan leather, including your leather bicycle saddles, leather belts, and even your shoes.

Watch our new short video to help you identify when to take care of your leather, and how to maintain your vegetable-tanned leather accessories:

Or, read more about our leather care recommendations on our website.

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