How Late Can I Place My Walnut Studiolo Holiday Order?

Want to make sure your Walnut Studiolo order arrives in time for holiday gifting? Here are your order deadlines for guaranteed* arrival.

Walnut Studiolo gift wrap
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Everything at Walnut Studiolo is made my hand, packaged my hand, and shipped by our fantastic shipping associate. We put in the extra time to meet the holiday rush, but you can guarantee* your product’s arrival in time for the holidays with the following deadlines (all times/dates shown for Portland, Oregon, USA in PST)

Last day for International customers using Standard Shipping: November 7th

Last day for International customers using DHL Express: December 10th

Last day for USA customers using Standard Shipping: December 17th

Last day for USA customers using USPS Priority Mail: December 19th

Last day for USA customers using Overnight Shipping: December 22nd


*Unfortunately, while we cannot 100% guarantee product delivery in your selected timeline due to unforeseen issues a carrier (USPS, DHL, FedEx, etc) may have during the holiday season, these are our conservative recommendations to make sure you receive it by December 24th. Placing your order as soon as you are ready is the best way to ensure delivery in time for the holidays.

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