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Giorgio Avola, Olympic gold medalist and Walnut Studiolo fan

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Giorgio Avola is an Italian fencer and bicycle lover. Giorgio won gold in the men’s team foil in the 2012 London Olympics and followed it with a gold at the 2013 World Championship and a silver at the 2014 European Championship. Giorgio tells his story about moving through the ranks of fencing, and taking his bicycle to get there: 

I started fencing at age 6; my family was captured by its elegance during the Olympics. My mum decided to take me to the fencing club in my little town in the east part of Sicily.

My arm was too weak for the heavy iron foil but after a few weeks I decided to fence with it anyways; I hated the plastic one! I always went to the [fencing] club by bicycle, carrying my fencing bag on my shoulders. [Riding] back home after training was always hard [because] my legs were tired but it kept them stronger and made them more powerful.

By Marie-Lan Nguyen (Own work), via Wikimedia Commons

At 12 years old, I became Italian Champion. At 16, I went to my first World Championships in Korea. In 2011, I won the European Championships and took bronze at Worlds. I was 21.

By Marie-Lan Nguyen (Own work), via Wikimedia Commons
On August 5th, 2012 my dream became true. Italy won the gold medal in men’s team foil at the 30th London Olympic Games. I still don’t believe it.
Winning gold as a team.
Now I am working hard for the 2016 Olympics. I moved to Tuscany to train at a bigger club. I still go to training by bicycle, carrying my bag on my shoulders.
Giorgio’s Little Lifter adds ease to the bike commute.
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