You asked for it – you got it: better international shipping! Until now, our shipping options have been either first-class post or DHL Express. First-class post always the cheapest, but it takes 2-7 weeks and requires customers to go to their post office and pay customs duties before they can pick up their package. DHL […]

Conditioning Vegetable-Tanned Leather

I just received your leathers and have installed one side of the sew-on handlebar leathers. It looks great! Unfortunately, it’s still a little too light coloured for my liking. Is there any way you would recommend for me to darken it? Are there any oils I can apply to the leather? Thanks in advance!! Regards, Lloyd You can darken our […]

Tying off your city grips

Please explain how you tighten or lock the the initial stitch in the city grips.  It seems in the YouTube instructional video the the first stitch still has thread hanging off by the time you finished with the surgeon’s knot.  Thanks, Donald In the video, I use one needle, and one length of thread. This […]

Valerie just got back from Vietnam, where she was on a two-week foodie trip. Over there, in Saigon, Hoi An, Hue, and Hanoi, she caught sight of a lot of very cool, workaday bicycles in Vietnam, especially for commerce. Here are some of her favorite bike pics from Vietnam. One of the hazards of modernization, […]