2014 Pricing and Discontinuing Products

This is that time of year for us when we put our heads together, and look at what we’ve sold in the past year and what we’ve spent. We then try to make a viable plan for our family and family business for the new year. We spend all day on New Year’s Day crunching numbers, debating, lamenting, and celebrating over endless cups of coffee and satsuma peels.

The result of that, every year for the past four years, has been a roster of products we’ll continue to make and products we won’t, and a new price list, shipping program, and wholesale program that will hopefully get us through the year unscathed. Believe me when I say it was a marathon 12+ hour meeting this year.

It’s really hard to discontinue a product. Each one of them is a baby you see so much potential in…but alas, we have limited capacities and we need to make room for new products, too. We put any remaining inventory we had from those on a closeout sale section on Etsy and on our website. Check it out: http://walnutstudiolo.com/collections/sale

Although of course some price increases are inevitable, our goal each year is to improve the data on our labor times, overhead, and material costs, and try out acceptable shortcuts that won’t harm quality, to look for opportunities to reduce our prices. The result is that, same as with past years, some of our prices have increased, some have decreased, and some have stayed the same.

We’re proud to announce that this year, our 2014 pricing allows us to offer FREE SHIPPING to all orders over $40 in the USA. This is a big accomplishment and we worked hard all year trying to figure out how to make this happen. Next up is to try to figure out how to make international shipping less expensive and more reliable…

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