How to install Walnut Studiolo’s seat barrel bag onto your bike saddle. Inspired by the St. Bernard whiskey barrels, the seat barrel bag is a stylish and practical addition to your bicycle storage. Seat barrel bag available for sale at Special thanks to Michael Ward Media for the video!

Walnut Studiolo’s “Little Lifter” – the Bicycle Frame Handle – was launched on Kickstarter in July 2012. Here’s a little video introduction to us and this handy dandy bicycle carrying handle.

Oh boy, new belt sander!

We get a lot of questions about u-lock dimensions, because our current rack-mounted and frame-mounted u-lock holster designs only accommodate one size of lock. To add to the confusion, u-lock companies give the measurements of their u-locks based on the size of the hole in the middle of the lock, not the outside dimensions, which makes […]

walnut studiolo portage strap installation